COVID-19 Temporary Changes

As many of you know, many Flagstaff businesses have been ordered to close or limit their services. Cinder Hills will remain open to care for the pets here as well as for those pets that require care so that their pet parents can provide essential services or take care of family members in need. If you are a pet parent in need of our services, please make a reservation in advance whenever possible.

We have not laid off all of our employees at this time but we are changing the way we do some things here at the kennel. Listed below are the temporary changes we are implementing and the dates those will take effect. Please understand that with the large reduction in occupancy, we are doing everything to protect the jobs and the safety of our employees all while providing the best pet care available in all of northern Arizona. We have 8 families that solely depend upon their income from Cinder Hills. It is our hope that we can continue to book enough day camps, day/overnight boardings, and hikes to avoid any further layoffs.

We are excited to add full service grooming to our services! Please check out our grooming page for more details.

Effective Thursday March 19th:

- We will no longer allow the general public in our reception area or to use our restroom. We are implementing Curb Side Service. Our staff will come to you in the parking lot and get your pets or bring them to you. We will use our own leads so please keep your pets' collars and leashes with you. We will run your credit card, as applicable, and bring you the receipt for signing. If we don't see you immediately, there will be a table setup on the porch with a radio that you can use to contact us. The radio is properly disinfected by our staff after each individual use. You may also call the front desk. Please be patient with us as we run back and forth to provide you this curb side service. This practice will aid in providing social distancing.
- We will no longer allow beds and toys from home. We have plenty of blankets and comforters available as well as lots of toys! If there are medical issues, let us know and we will work with you for a solution. You only need to bring your four legged family member, their medications and, if desired, food. Please only bring the amount of food needed for their stay plus a day or two in case you get delayed in returning. Remember that our boarding rates include food, as well! Cat carriers may still be left here as we will wipe them down when we store them.

Effective Tuesday March 24th:

- Our office hours will change. The office will be closed from 1PM to 4 PM every day. This allows us to have a reduced staff for part of the day. We will continue to play with our guests and run our Playful Paws Day Camp. WE ARE HERE but our front desk will not be manned. We will continue to return calls and emails during this time but there may be a slight delay in responding.

Effective Wednesday March 25th:

- We are reducing the cost of our pick-up and drop off service to $15 each way. We want to set your mind at ease if you don't or can't leave home by offering the service at a substantial reduced rate. We understand that those of you now working from home or are at home most of the day need a break from all of the responsibilities you have. You may not have time to exercise your pets or give them the attention they deserve. Many of us are stressed. Our pets will pick up on this. Let them come and spend the day with us and have a mini vacation! They'll benefit from it and so will you! We will discuss with you our revised protocols when you book. These are things such as using our own leads and not entering your homes. The limousine service will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Effective Wednesday April 1st:

- For those who board their pets a minimum of two nights, we will pickup your pets for FREE! We will also bring them home at the end of their stay for FREE! Please be flexible with your pickup and drop-off times and staff will discuss our protocols with you when you book. The limousine service will be on a first come, first serve basis.

We very much appreciate your understanding and support during this most difficult time. We anticipate this will all be temporary, but none of us have any idea just how long these measures will be required to protect everyone using our services. Please be patient with us as we iron out these changes! We hope that you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe.


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