Company Background

Cinder Hills Kennels is Flagstaff's first and finest boarding facility and has been proudly serving pet parents since 1972. Did you know that there wasn't another facility built in Flagstaff until 1983? That means Cinder Hills has over a decade more experience in the Flagstaff area!

Welcome to The Cinder Hills Family

When you board with us, you and your pet become part of OUR family! We do our best to treat your family member as you would treat them. We purposely maintain the size of our facility where it currently is. Our experience has been that the larger you get, the less personal the relationships become - no matter how hard you try. Quality is more important to us than quantity! You can rest easily knowing that Cinder Hills actually has on-site live-in caretakers, giving you peace of mind while you're away. At Cinder Hills, we pride ourselves in continuing to provide one on one play times, food, treats, bedding and administering medications all at no additional costs!

Have peace of mind knowing we are licensed and routinely inspected by Coconino County Animal Control Officers. Our licenses are proudly posted in our reception area. We have never had a mark against us in all of the years we have been in operation!

Most other pet care alternatives are NOT licensed, regulated nor routinely inspected by the County! You are trusting their word that they know what they are doing! Imagine going to a doctor, dentist, attorney, or veterinarian who merely tells you they know what they are doing, but are not trained, certified, nor regulated!

Let’s talk about staffing for a moment. We are the only facility in northern Arizona that hire only full time employees. Facilities in our industry typically hire mostly part time employees, make them work split or partial shifts and do not guarantee a certain amount of hours per week, let alone 40 hours per week. They will cut hours sometimes on a daily basis. This results in high staff turnover rates which also makes it difficult for employees to learn the skills needed to properly care for our guests. Industry certifications are an almost impossibility (imagine trying to get your high school diploma or college degree only attending classes half of the time or less).

Flagstaff is no different and that is a problem, in our view. We all know that Flagstaff is an expensive area to live in. We are committed to giving our employees as much safety and security in their work here so that they don’t have to worry about getting another job, making ends meet, or spending quality time with their friends and families. They are then able to give us (and you) 100% of themselves, both physically and emotionally, when they are here. We are committed to our community and those within the community who choose to work at our facility. Full time jobs with higher wages translates to happier employees, lower staff turnover, less stress and better experiences for the pets in our care.

Our Promise to You

It is our continual goal to provide outstanding customer service and to treat our clients and guests with respect and honesty. Our owners and team members are also pet parents, and we fully understand how important it is to you that your pet enjoys a warm, loving environment when you are away from home. Each guest's safety and well-being is our top priority, and we take great pride in providing each of them with personalized care. We provide you and your family member(s) the level of care we would expect if our roles were reversed!

Our Experience, Credentials, & Training

We are proud to be Flagstaff's most experienced and certified pet boarding facility. At Cinder Hills, we have been growing and cultivating the trust of pet owners longer than anyone else in Flagstaff as well as Northern Arizona. While you're away, we offer peace of mind that your pet is getting the best care available. Our training and education is ongoing to ensure that we keep up with current issues in the pet care industry.

We know that most people do not have the time to verify that a pet care facility's staff is indeed trained and certified. Yet, this is one of the most important aspects of a pet care facility that aids in proper care of your family member while you are away! If you do nothing else, check and verify training claims by any facility you are considering and don't simply rely on certificates posted in an office or touted on a website.

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Our Facility

Our facility is located on 5 acres in a rural setting. We are Flagstaff's only pet care facility that offers tiled floors, in-floor heating, and thermostatically controlled HVAC systems.

Each of our cat condos includes perches and a window. All of our dog runs are indoor/outdoor, so your family member has their own exclusive and completely covered outdoor portion connected to their inside semi-private resting area. We don't have chain link runs on top of concrete floors.  With three different choices of Flagstaff's largest enclosures to choose from (our suites are 135 to 356 sq feet in size), we offer the best accommodations available in the area!

Our facility yards are the largest in Northern Arizona, and they are not divided up into the much smaller exercise yards that are common in our industry. This ensures your family member gets the most out of their complimentary playtimes! We have multiple play yards to ensure each guest is matched to their desired playtime (one on one, group, etc). Our boarding fees include playtimes in the yards with your family member and a dedicated staff member giving one-on-one attention! Our Playful Paws Day Camp is available at an additional fee for those wanting group play time.

We are proud to announce that we're the only local provider of a high end gastroenteric product, Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets, at no extra charge to our clients. Gastrointestinal (GI) is the largest indication with the highest growth of the top 10 dog conditions in the dog therapeutic market. It is also one of the most common reasons clients visit veterinarians. Approximately 1 out of 3 clients have reported a GI issue in their pet.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets (PPVD) provide numerous benefits for GI nutritional management:

  • GI is one of the most common reasons clients visit veterinarians
  • PPVD EN addresses multiple conditions and is suitable for both growth and maintenance
  • PPVD EN therapeutic benefits go beyond basic GI nutritional management:
    • Highly Digestible Formula to promote optimal nutrient absorption
    • Total Dietary Fat Management to help with digestion while providing readily available energy
    • Supports Digestive Health that includes a prebiotic to nourish beneficial microflora and reduce the risk of diarrhea
    • Supports Immune Health with antioxidants and vitamins

With the largest enclosures available, fully qualified and independently certified staff, more activities and extras included in our base boarding prices...what more could you ask for in a professional pet care center? We are Flagstaff's most experienced facility and we offer a far better value when you compare apples to apples! Your pets will be in the safest hands available!


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