What Makes Us Different

We are proud to announce that we're the only local provider of a high end gastroenteric product, Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets, at no extra charge to our clients. Gastrointestinal (GI) is the largest indication with the highest growth of the top 10 dog conditions in the dog therapeutic market. It is also one of the most common reasons clients visit veterinarians. Approximately 1 out of 3 clients have reported a GI issue in their pet.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets (PPVD) provide numerous benefits for GI nutritional management:

  • GI is one of the most common reasons clients visit veterinarians
  • PPVD EN addresses multiple conditions and is suitable for both growth and maintenance
  • PPVD EN therapeutic benefits go beyond basic GI nutritional management:
    • Highly Digestible Formula to promote optimal nutrient absorption
    • Total Dietary Fat Management to help with digestion while providing readily available energy
    • Supports Digestive Health that includes a prebiotic to nourish beneficial microflora and reduce the risk of diarrhea
    • Supports Immune Health with antioxidants and vitamins

No additional charge for necessities. We pride ourselves in being the only kennel in Northern Arizona that has never charged extra for food, treats, bedding, administering medications and one on one playtimes throughout the day. We wouldn't use a facility for our own pets that charge for these basic needs and neither should you! Our vast experience has shown us that 30 to 40 percent of pets will need or desire more exercise during the day. We offer extra services beyond the inclusive activities for an additional fee. We don't charge everyone a higher boarding rate that may or may not include these higher level of activities when they don't need or desire them!

Recommended and Used by Veterinarians. Not only do local veterinarians recommend Cinder Hills to their clients, they also board their precious family members with us. Veterinarians see animals that are cared for by other facilities/providers so they see first-hand any issues that arise from care at these different entities. They know Cinder Hills goes above and beyond when it comes to the care of all of our guests. We are proud to have such an outstanding reputation!

Accommodation options for all needs. Our entire facility is indoor/outdoor, heated/cooled and the outdoor portions of our runs are covered from the elements. We have multiple buildings and boarding options that range from semi private to completely private. Our guests experience a calm and content environment due to our superior design. With more square footage allotted per pet, you can count on your family member being comfortable, happy and content while you are away. We also have the largest play yards in Northern AZ to ensure your pet can get quality exercise. A dedicated staff member is in each play yard while our guests are rotated through their play times. It is important that your pet is engaged and not left alone to entertain themselves. We are not just "line of sight", we are "hands on"…not eyes on.

Verifiable industry certifications. It's true! Check out the Pet Tech and the Dog Guru's, just to name a few. They would be happy to tell you how qualified our entire staff is! We don't print certificates to post on our wall…we earn them!

Certified in canine communication. Every staff member receives several months of training and takes multiple tests to become certified in canine communication through The Dog Gurus, the industry's premier authority on canine emotional health and communication. We can tell how a dog is feeling from the moment he/she walks through the front door. Because of our certifications, we know what it takes to keep each guest happy and healthy, we can eliminate stress AND we have the safest day camp in Flagstaff.

Full-time staff with Lowest Turnover Rate. Our entire staff are full-time employees. This is very important. A full-time employee has the time to spend on education and training, as well as keep up on everything going on in a facility at any given time. You and your pet will also enjoy seeing the same faces every time you come to Cinder Hills.

Honest and Transparent. We believe above everything else in the importance of being honest and transparent. We don't tell you what we think you want to hear. We will always give you honest feedback and we expect the same in return. We encourage you to take a tour of our facility any time during our business hours. In fact, we prefer you just show up for a tour rather than call ahead of time. You are more than welcome to call and check in on your babies as much as you need to. We always make the time to talk, listen and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

You and your pets are treated like family. What is more important than family? Nothing!! Once you board with us, believe it or not, we know your pet. We know what they love to do, where they like to be scratched, how much water they typically drink, etc. You are entrusting us with your beloved family member and we want to honor that trust by ensuring you know how important each one of them is to us…AND THEY ARE! We also love to get to know each and every one of our "moms and dads". Building relationships with all of you, being there for all or your ups and downs is priceless. We believe in developing lasting relationships. We care about what is going on in your lives and how you and your pets are.

Healthy Pet Guarantee. We are the only kennel in Northern Arizona that offers a Healthy Pet Guarantee. For $20 per pet per stay, we are willing to cover up to $500 of a vet bill (some limitations do apply such as pre-existing conditions). That is how confident we are when it comes to the care we provide our guests.

Live in Caretakers. Our home is literally connected to the kennel. One thing we don't do is periodic walk throughs in the middle of the night. You don't routinely get up in the middle of the night to check on your pets. You don't need to and neither do we. However, since our home is connected to the kennel, we can hear and respond to any issue that could arise. Because our guests can get a good night's sleep, they are ready to get their fun filled day started first thing in the morning. Please read more HERE on why your pet's health is at risk if we were to perform "nightly walk throughs."

Superior Customer Service. You can expect the absolute best customer service every time you call or come in to Cinder Hills. Without our customers, we wouldn't be able to do what we love to do every day. Our job is very rewarding thanks to all our two legged and four-legged family members!

No Frills or Gimmicks. We don't use gimmicks to attract customers. For example, business websites are filled with "Top 10" or "Best Of" lists, but many of these are pay to play in order to win. There is no real way of evaluating the effectiveness and quality of the services of those whom they're announcing as "winners" (but it sure makes various marketing companies a lot of money). Rather than buying our way onto such lists, we focus on delivering unprecedented results and customer service for all our clients-and our testimonials speak for themselves. We also don't make false claims, charge you for services that you do not receive, etc.


Cinder Hills Kennels

Other Facilities

Accreditation Accreditation and full certifications from the industry's top organizations. None or misrepresentation
Staff Training Entire staff completes rigorous training program with independent evaluation and certification. Learn more. Little to None or misrepresentation
Activities Specifically designed for full pet health with 1-to-1 ratio of staff to pets during complimentary individual activities. Learn more. Nickeled & dimed for low quality, inconsistent activities. Minimal activities during inclement weather.
Boarding Quality Tiled floors with epoxy grout. Closely monitored temperature control with max air exchange. Fully Separated (Private and Semi Private) Enclosures. Rigorously Cleaned - Smells Great! View accommodations. Minimal to no air filtration. Strong or masked odors. Cross contamination from accidents an issue.
On-Site Live-In Caretakers You can rest easily knowing that multiple caretakers actually live on-site.  AND we do not disturb our guests' critical sleep time! No
Playtime in Yard Included in Boarding Fee Upgrade for a fee
Plush Bedding Included in Boarding Fee Upgrade for a fee
Food & Treats Included in Boarding Fee Upgrade for a fee
All Enclosures are Indoor/Outdoor All enclosures are exclusive indoor & outdoor 24/7 with late night potty breaks! Upgrade for a fee. Minimal time outside or often disruptions of sleep at night. Learn More.
Administrations of Medication Included in Boarding Fee Upgrade for a fee
Extra/Hidden Fees (High Accommodation/Resort) No Yes
Active Duty Military Discount Yes Not All
Staff Member for Every Play Yard When Outside Playing Yes!  All guests properly supervised and exercised daily with a staff member (included in boarding fee). No
Healthy Pet Guarantee Available Yes No


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