What Makes Us Different

Throughout the recent past, many of us have become educated in the true cost of things, from simple banking to flying across the country. Banks, airlines, and governments have all implemented a "fee-based" structure for things that used to be included in their services. Many kennels across the country have adopted such fee schedules and charge for even the smallest of things. What good is an "upgrade" that adds to the cost of your stay when it really isn't an upgrade at all???  Be smart and evaluate the TRUE COST VS. VALUE of boarding between facilities!

Let’s talk about staffing for a moment.  We are the only facility in northern Arizona that hires ONLY FULL TIME employees.  Facilities in our industry typically hire mostly part time employees, make them work split or partial shifts and do not guarantee a certain amount of hours per week, let alone 40 hours per week.  They will cut hours sometimes on a daily basis.  This results in high staff turnover rates which also makes it difficult for employees to learn the skills needed to properly care for our guests.  Industry certifications are an almost impossibility.  Flagstaff is no different and that is a problem, in our view.  We all know that Flagstaff is an expensive area to live in.  We are committed to giving our employees as much safety and security in their work here so that they don’t have to worry about getting another job, making ends meet, or spending quality time with their friends and families.  They are then able to give us (and you) 100% of themselves, both physically and emotionally, when they are here.  We are committed to our community and those within the community who choose to work at our facility.  Full time jobs with higher wages translates to happier employees, lower staff turnover, less stress and better experiences for the pets in our care.  

Why Does Accreditation Matter?

  • We are having an outside entity verify that we do what we promise.
  • It shows ongoing dedication to industry leading best practices.
  • Taking care of four legged family members requires a higher ethical standard of business.
  • We are willing to be evaluated and transparent.
  • We care to be the best we can, so that your trust is well founded.


Cinder Hills Kennels

Other Facilities

Accreditation Accreditation and full certifications from the industry's top organizations. None or misrepresentation
Staff Training Entire staff completes rigorous training program with independent evaluation and certification. Learn more. Little to None or misrepresentation
Activities Specifically designed for full pet health with 1-to-1 ratio of staff to pets during complimentary individual activities. Learn more. Nickeled & dimed for low quality, inconsistent activities. Minimal activities during inclement weather.
Boarding Quality Tiled floors with epoxy grout. Closely monitored temperature control with max air exchange. Fully Separated (Private and Semi Private) Enclosures. Rigorously Cleaned - Smells Great! View accommodations. Minimal to no air filtration. Strong or masked odors. Cross contamination from accidents an issue.
On-Site Live-In Caretakers You can rest easily knowing that multiple caretakers actually live on-site.  AND we do not disturb our guests' critical sleep time! No
Playtime in Yard Included in Boarding Fee Upgrade for a fee
Plush Bedding Included in Boarding Fee Upgrade for a fee
Food & Treats Included in Boarding Fee Upgrade for a fee
All Enclosures are Indoor/Outdoor All enclosures are exclusive indoor & outdoor 24/7 with late night potty breaks! Upgrade for a fee. Minimal time outside or often disruptions of sleep at night. Learn More.
Administrations of Medication Included in Boarding Fee Upgrade for a fee
Cash Discount Available Yes No
Active Duty Military Discount Yes Not All
Staff Member for Every Play Yard When Outside Playing Yes!  All guests properly supervised and exercised daily with a staff member (included in boarding fee). No
Healthy Pet Guarantee Available Yes No


Monday - Friday 8AM - 6PM Saturday - Sunday 8AM - 5PM Office is closed all MAJOR holidays


11110 Townsend Winona Rd.
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

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